Our air conditioner fell out of the window

I adore the summertime, i guess it is because I just adore to be warm. Winters are hard for me. I wish that it was moderate all year long where both of us live, but it is honestly chilly for most of the year. It is only entirely moderate from the end of May until the beginning of November. I suppose that both of us could transfer anywhere warmer, but all of our family is here, and both of us entirely adore being close to family, and my hubby enjoys the seasons here as well, but he wouldn’t want to transfer to a locale where it is moderate all the time because the seasons wouldn’t be as distinct. He enjoys to watch the adjusting of the seasons here, and I have to admit, the unusual seasons are beautiful. Even the snow in the Wintertide is gorgeous. I adore the looks of it, despite the fact that I just wish that it wasn’t so cold. If it were up to me, I would not even use an air conditioner in the summertime, but our hubby gets too warm, so both of us have to. Every one of us have one air conditioner for our home office, and one for our home office. Well, both of us used to have one for our home office. My hubby accidentally dropped it out the window. Every one of us were both there trying to install the air conditioner! Usually, he would do it himself, however he has a broken arm, so I was trying to help him. He thought that I had a hold of the air conditioner, and I thought that he had a hold of it, but neither of us did, so it fell out the window and shattered. It was quite hilarious, but also terrifying. I suppose both of us will be buying a new air conditioner sometime soon.



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