Preparing to fly

These days when you have to fly anywhere it is not as easy as it once was about a decade ago.

You have to be at the airport almost 3 hours before your flight.

Not to mention you get treated like some criminal just to be able to get on the plane! It is really sad to tell you the truth. It also gets pretty stuffy standing in the extremely long line of people for at least an hour or more. This past summer I had to take a flight out of state for work, and I went through the ringer just trying to get on the plane! The air conditioning in the airport was not even pumping out too strong from the air vents. This made the experience even more horrible with not fully working air conditioning! The indoor air quality of the airport was lacking as well. It did not make me happy one bit! What did make me happy and was sort of a great sigh of relief was when I was finally able to board the plane. When I got on the plane they had really great air conditioning and the air quality was perfect! I am not sure how the air quality was so perfect. Maybe they had some kind of an air purification system going on. But I never did hear of an airplane with an air purification system unless you were flying first class, which I was not! The air conditioning may have been the reason for the really great air quality too. I was just happy to be in great air conditioning.


Commercial air conditioning

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