Prom disaster

My guy plus I went to the senior prom together, but both of us dated almost the whole year by the time the prom arrived, then my guy rented a massive limo for us plus some of our friends… He even rented a tuxedo that perfectly match the color of our dress, however everything at lunch was perfect. My guy took me to a small seafood bistro right in the middle of town. It was a romantic evening plus the perfect start to our senior prom evening. Both of us left the restaurant 30 minutes before prom started, but the limo dropped us off in front of the building, where a massive group of our friends had already gathered. My guy plus I walked up the stairs plus the two of us heard a lot of people talking. They were complaining about the AC. I saw our neighbor Shane plus asked if something was wrong with the AC. He said it felt love the inside of an oven in the building. Even the cake was even starting to melt. My guy plus I decided to go indoors plus check on that situation… Shane was right, plus the A/C was clearly not toiling officially. I found another neighbor of mine that is on the prom planning committee. I asked if they were fixing the problem, but she did not have any wonderful answers for me. My friends plus I stood outside of the building for almost an minute, before the arena could officially repair the AC. They extended the prom for more than one minutes because of the problems, however the two of us left early so the two of us could go to the hotel.

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