Purchased a Container Laundry Room so No More Trips to Laundromat

When my guy plus I moved into our little cottage, the laundry situation was a mess. The laundry room was just a closet off the kitchen and the machines were aged. My guy ended up getting rid of the machines plus making the closet a storage component for us. Well that made it so I did not have a laundry place at all. A guy can only go to the laundromat so multiple times before it gets quite aggravating. I then purchased myself a brand new stackable washer plus dryer. Even so, I had only one place I could put it – in our front bedroom. It was horrible walking around the laundry machines plus it didn’t exactly add to the ambiance. I had nowhere to store my basket, detergent, dryer sheets or stain removers. I ended up getting a laundry room shipping container… Container laundry rooms are something new on the market. It looks like a giant grey box set up on the side of our house. Inside it is so much more impressive. The stackable washer plus dryer fits perfectly. I have shelves for all the laundry supplies plus a cubby to store my laundry baskets. I have finally worked electric plus Heating as well as A/C in the modular container laundry room, too; the container laundry room has become the best room in the house, according to me, of course. The cost of a bag laundry space was so adequate. I have even been contemplating making a container gym for myself. I could make it a little wider plus longer than the laundry room. It could be a great option. I could store all my free weights in there plus then have increased room inside our house for other more important items.
Modular Containers

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