Renter Prefers to Carry His Own Modular Kitchen with HIm

America entirely needs to make some changes when it comes to renting out apartments.

In this country, when you rent a lake house you get the appliances with it! You are paying for the rental’s poor fridge, stove plus counter space.

It is not normal to have the kitchen exactly what you desire. In Europe when you rent, you are just getting a space with hookups. Renting in Europe makes more sense. I simply purchased a modular kitchen component that travels with me as I travel around. My kitchen component is a giant block that has all the appliances I need. The main component is more than two sections plus a top plus bottom, on top I have a stove stop, counter space plus a place to cut meat and veggies. The bottom area is the bottom of the stove, drawyers plus an apartment sized ice box. It has everything I could need all in a single small cube. I just pack up and carry the block with me from place to place. I suppose that all my appliances work plus I can set it up wherever I want. The rental price significantly goes down plus my convenience is improved. I don’t have to worry about aged, rusted or non finally working kitchen appliances! I am responsible for my own kitchen. Slowly I have seen the rental situation start to vary a little more in America. More plus more people are now doing prefab kitchens. Lots more people are designing blocks of kitchen space plus then placing it in their homes. Landlords are too. It is better for everybody to have modular, movable stuff.

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