Seeking female HVAC techs to expand our all lady HVAC company

I am the only female Heating and A/C machine professional in our area and I have the only all girl Heating and A/C company in the whole state.

When I say our company is a minority, I totally mean it.

The group of us have been expanding abruptly and the people I was with and I are now travelling a major distance to get to our modern patrons. I guess it is the novelty of getting a woman to repair or install their Heating and A/C machines that make people more likely to spend money for the travel charges the people I was with and I have. I have a team of phenomenal Heating and A/C professionals and I have been considering opening two extra branches so the people I was with and I can keep our prices completely competitive with other Heating and A/C companies. I am looking to hire multiple modern professionals and to send two of my top Heating and A/C professionals into the modern branches of the company. The group of us have actually discussed splitting us up a bit so the people I was with and I take multiple techs each and the people I was with and I have enough fantastic techs to be able to train the newest HVAC service professionals. When I put out our ad for modern Heating and A/C professionals, I knew the people I was with and I would get mainly people who have just received their certification. I was absolutely stunned when I had two Heating and A/C professionals who both had over ten years experience, apply to one of the newest branches. They told myself and others they weren’t being utilized for anything other than doing very small repair jobs. From what I could tell, they were both expertly trained, however because of their being ladies, they were treated in a different type of way. I was about to show them that the people I was with and I were a real Heating and A/C company who did everything on our own. The bunch of us did end up hiring one man for one of the modern areas, however that was because he was the son of one of my oldest Heating and A/C service workers.
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