Showed up at the wrong house

I believe enjoy people these days are 100% reliant on GPS.

If you gave someone an address & took away their phone, I have no plan how they would manage to find location.

I don’t know people these days are proficient with using a map, I don’t know they are very detail-oriented for noticing their surroundings, & I don’t know their social enough to stop & ask someone for help. In a sense, this means you cannot navigate around the world. Modern GPS has completely erased the necessity for familiar navigational sense. Worst of all, people don’t seem to realize that GPS can make mistakes too! I cannot tell you how several times I’ve punched in an address & Google Maps has brought myself and others to the wrong location. Sometimes, it does not know where you are headed any better than you do. This seems to be what happened to the other day, when my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist counted on his smartphone to do all of the navigating. I had set up a routine gas furnace service appointment with my familiar Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist a few days before hand. When is the day of the heating service appointment arrives, I was confused that my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist was nowhere to be found! Normally, they were right on time. I waited around for another hour before I called into the heating, cooling, & ventilation dealership to find out what was happening. They got in touch with the heating specialist & slowly determined that he was in the wrong location. As he was describing the lake house to them, I realized that he had been sent to an address up the street. He had been knocking on my neighbor’s door for an hour.


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