So much for hitting the road in comfort

My wife retired from teaching 3 years ago, plus I retired last year.

All of us quickly decided to sell the house plus buy a cool little camper on wheels.

All of us had a small RV when all of our own children were young, but the two of us stopped going camping whenever the youngsters went to school. All of us both talked about spending additional time in the mountains, desert, plus beach. After our happy retirement, the two of us had the perfect opportunity to finally make those dreams come true. Now for the past 3 years, our wife plus I have been happily traveling all over the country visiting odd parts of the country. All of us love spending a few days here plus a few days there, seeing the sights. All of us have a few friends in every area of the world! Last year, however, was the first time that the two of us ever had any issue with the onboard heating system in our camper. Luckily, the problem happened to us on a night when the temperatures were not genuinely too cold that we were in danger of freezing. My wife plus I were getting ready to go to sleep for the night and just then the two of us heard an odd noise coming from the heater. The two of us could not find any way to repair the heating problem! No matter what the two of us did, we really couldn’t get the heat to work. We wanted to wait to call an expert in the afternoon that was willing to travel to our campsite in order to help us repair the heater. It only took a few moments for her to locate the problem plus I was seriously thankful.

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