Staying in the hospital suite with the a/c running

I am beyond pumped that my spouse just delivered our baby boy.

There were a few problems, so my spouse and I had to stay a few extra mornings while she heals fully, however, being a dad is so awesome so far.

I have undoubtedly observed the weighty burden of fatherhood hanging over me, however I am super happy that I can’t genuinely guess it. How can I worry when I am so thrilled with my life at the moment? The only thing that I am not thrilled about right now is how cold the room is with the a/c. I have always loathed how multiple hospitals use the a/c to keep people cold cold. I realized that hospitals overuse the a/cs to prevent the spread of bacteria and keep people from perspiring and growing quite uncomfortable, however when you are staying at the hospital for a longer period of time, the a/c will begin to grow even more uncomfortable. The first night that I tried to sleep at the hospital, I was so thoroughly uncomfortable with the a/c and the bed that I didn’t get any rest. The very next night, I asked for another blanket, however these blankets aren’t undoubtedly wonderful at keeping you toasty warm. It feels adore the a/c is dialed to a freezing fall night, and I don’t guess how to cope with it. I can’t wait until I get back to the house where I can turn my furnace on and be perfectly fine, no wonder the hospitals keep all the babies under heaters. The babies guess that the a/cs make them uncomfortable too.

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