Sweet Lady Gets the HVAC Comfort She Deserves

My siblings and I feel like the way we grew up was one of the best parts of our lives.

Our homeplace was in an area that enjoyed very distinct four seasons.

You could just about set your watch to the season change. 3 months of one season would blend right into the next season. It was like there was never too much of one particular season. Where we grew up was not a region of opulence by any measure. The going was tough and we had to be very frugal with our money. However, the culture of that region is based on friends and family helping each other out. This is the way my mom still is. And, she still lives much like she did when she was raising us. There really isn’t any sort of modern HVAC in her home and she has wanted it that way. She has a big woodstove that keeps her cozy warm in the winter and some fans for the hot stretches of summer. However, she is getting of an age where the realities of loading a wood stove are not sustainable. It was with gentle care and coaxing that we got her to agree to an HVAC upgrade. She still won’t leave her home but she agreed to have a ductless HVAC system installed. This way, she doesn’t have a big project going on under her feet. But, she will still reap the benefits of having very effective and efficient heating and cooling. The neighbors promised to stoke the stove no and again so she could enjoy her fire. However, it eases my mind to know that she can also just flip a switch for heat.

Electric heating system

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