Teacher Brought in Rep from Career School

Everyone who knows me knows that I spent about 10 years working as a high school English mentor, but even though there were a lot of things I liked about being a mentor, I eventually got worn down by the endless politics and annoyances of the profession! One thing that truly bugged me a lot was the fact that politicians and administrators were consistently insisting that all of us tell every student that he or he should go to a state university or school! If a child expressed an interest in becoming an Heating and A/C serviceman or plumber, all of us were supposed to discount those feelings and encourage the child to go get a four-year degree.

I tried to ignore that, as did the rest of us, but it became impossible, and a neighbor of mine who also taught English used to bring in reps from job or technical schools, then they would offer students information on job education schools that can supply them a way to acquire a living without having to attend school for four more years, several of his students had a real interest in Heating and A/C programs.

They learn about the invention of air conditioning and how the cooling system changed the condition of our state and the world. There was a documentary that showed how electricians and cooling system maintenance servicemans and the love have affected the world all of us live in, and without Heating and A/C experts and air conditioning maintenance techs, our state would not be the tourist and company haven that it is, however most people know that cooling system was invented in our state, by a dentist who used ice and a fan to help relieve suffering in a TB hospital.

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