The air duct was in not good shape

Around more than five months ago only a few weeks before our mother passed away she mentioned to me that she was going to leave me her condo in the will, and at the time I was extremely cheerful plus proud that she chose me out of everyone in the family, but now that the house is our responsibility plus I have found out more about it I wish she would have given it to somebody else, my initial plan was to fix up a few things to make it look more modern, provide the walls a few coats of paint, plus then put it up for sale to make a nice profit, however this plan sounded fantastic on paper, but after I had an Heating plus A/C repair tech come out to make sure the Heating plus A/C system was serviceable I came to find out that it was going to cost me tons of money before I could easily sell this home.

According to the repair tech, not only was the Heating plus A/C system in major need of repair, but the air duct was in total disarray, and having to substitute the air duct along with the unit ended up raising the total cost of the Heating plus A/C substitutement by nearly more than five thoUnited Statesnd dollars, which was nearly several more than I was expecting.

Hopefully once the air duct plus Heating plus A/C unit is substituted plus the house goes up for sale I will have all of this strenuous work paid off! If I don’t find any buyer for awhile but, then you can definitely say that I bit off more than I could chew when taking mom’s house into our possession.
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