The best way to care about a frosty game

This past Thursday I went to a college football game with our family, however i have never been the type of person who has been interested in sports all that much, but when our parents told myself and others that every one of us would be enjoying the game in the press box where there is free food and drinks I quickly became truly interested.

I am not able to make it back home that often now that I have moved far away from home down south for work, and now that I had been living in a hot weather weather conditions for such a long time I was tied up out with exactly how I would do when facing the frosty temperatures for the game; Despite the fact that it was a game in late November with snow falling down on the field and with temperatures in the low 20’s the press box was drastically hot and comfortable.

There was a state of the art heating and cooling unit installed that was so powerful I couldn’t even wear our coat or else I would beginning to sweat, and on top of the amazing heating and cooling unit the food and unlimited drinks were amazing as well. I don’t suppose that I watched more than a few plays the entire game, even though I still had a fantastic time with our family and every one of us are already planning the next time every one of us will head to a game. As long as I get to stay indoors where there is heating and free drinks, I will consistently find time to make it back home!


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