The chaos never stops

I have absolutely been wanting to go camping for many weeks, however things just don’t seem to be now working out well for me! First of all, the usual weather hasn’t absolutely been cooperating.

At first, the un-even temperatures definitely were just too boiling plus our camper doesn’t have a built in air conditioning unit for the summer. But then when the weather finally started cooling down, I got sick plus I didn’t really want to be going anywhere at all. If you’re anything similar to me, you don’t love being outside or stuck in a camper where you can’t even control the temperature if you’re not feeling all that well. That’s basically the reason I didn’t go even though the un-even temperatures were quickly cooling off plus the fall weather started feeling good outside. Now, though, I’m finally happy and feeling better plus I absolutely would love to go camping. It’s perfect weather now, so it would work. But you still kind of need an Heating plus Air Conditioning system in your family camper if you’re not planning to go tent camping. Tent camping is not our cup of tea. I honestly love to have more than a piece of canvas between myself and others plus the wild beasts in the forest. This weekend, I was going to start getting everything packed up once and for all so that we could finally go camping. But then I noticed that the furnace wasn’t working in the house, either. Now, I can live through high un-even temperatures without air conditioning, however, know that I can’t live through the freezing fall un-even temperatures at night without a working furnace, and my hubby tried to service the heating in the camper so that we finally could go ahead plus go, however nothing worked!



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