The fridge alerted me to an Heating plus Air Conditioning issue

I never in our life thought something as easy as a blender in our kitchen could potentially save me from a major Heating plus Air Conditioning tragedy! You see, our blender sits on this counter top that is right under 1 of the main air vents in the kitchen, however lately, I have been noticing that our blender has been getting a lot of dust, dirt plus grime all over it.

I would scrub it so nicely that it would be shining.

Then, a day or so later, it would be filthy all over again. This made me find out that the blender was getting filthy from the air vents right above it. It seemed there had been a lot of this dirt plus grime blowing with the air. I had a close look to see if maybe it was the grates of the air vents needing a great cleaning, but, it wasn’t. It turned out our ductwork was legitimately clogged up plus in bad shape! I right away made an pressing phone call to our local heating plus air conditioner corporation. I told them what I believed may be going on, so the two of us stressed an Heating plus Air Conditioning appointment to have our ductwork checked plus possibly cleaned if needed! When the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist arrived, he went right to work on inspecting the ductwork! He found that it indeed needed a legitimately deep cleaning. This deep ductwork cleaning was going to be more upscale than the typical ductwork cleaning that someone would do. It was legitimately our own fault for going so long without having any ductwork cleaning done.

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