The heating system in my office is broken

We have so much trouble with the heating system in our office.

  • I don’t understand why it is that we are always having issues with the heating system.

It’s not like it’s an old building or anything. As a matter of fact, the owners of the building hired a commercial HVAC company to completely redo the heating and cooling system in the building a couple of years ago. I remember when the commercial HVAC team was here doing the work because one of the HVAC technicians kept asking me out. I said no, but it was flattering at the time. Anyway, I’m not sure that they did the greatest job on the furnace repairs because ever since then, we’ve had major issues with the heating system in the office. The place is always either burning hot or freezing cold. Last week, the weather started cooling off even more than it already was. The temperature outside was in the teens, and so of course, I was dressing for cold weather. I remember one day I came into work with a sweater and jeans on. I also had on warm wool socks and boots. Well, when I went into the office, the heating blasted me right in the face and it felt like I was walking into an actual furnace. I wasn’t dressed in layers, either. That means that by the time I made it to my desk, I was sweating like crazy. Then, when I tried to crack the window next to my desk, the office manager told me that I couldn’t because the heating was on, like I didn’t know!

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