The HVAC is becoming annoying.

Ever since I bought my house, I have been using the same old HVAC system that was in the house when I bought it.

It was this monster of an old gas furnace, but it has been so reliable. I have always had comfortable heat and it reacted quickly to every demand my thermostat put on it for me. Everyone has always commented on how good it felt in my home, whenever they entered. Then all of a sudden it started making noises. I didn’t mind the noises as long as the furnace was still working well. As the noises got louder, the more unreliable the furnace began. The furnace wasn’t just getting louder, but the heating wasn’t as good as it was. Then one day, the furnace quit working. I called the HVAC company to see if they could repair the furnace, but they told me it was too old. I needed to get a new HVAC system. He started to talk about different types of HVAC systems and how well they worked. One HVAC system in particular, caught my attention. He was talking about ductless HVAC systems. He said that many of them utilize several different units in the same way you would have Zone Control. You would be able to heat and cool with the same unit and you never had to worry about air vents or ductwork cleaning. He did say that many people tell you they don’t need any kind of servicing, but he would suggest having a HVAC tech professionally clean your units about every other year.


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