The HVAC system wasn’t working.

I am one of those people that doesn’t enjoy being in one spot for very long.

If I had to stay in one location for very long, I think I would go crazy.

My biggest passion is being able to see the world. I enjoy seeing what life is like outside my own world. I also enjoy getting away from being tied to a life of working and paying bills. I travel as often as I possibly can. I usually take my backpack and hop into my truck. I know that travelling distances comes with a lot of challenges, especially when you don’t have a set itinerary. There are always the changes in temperatures as I travel from the north to the south, or even across the country. I try to make sure the HvAC system in my truck is working well so it can handle the climate changes. I make sure the heating and air conditioning is in good working order, but that doesn’t mean I will never have any problems. The last trip I took ended up being very disappointing. I found out that I had an improperly working HVAC system in my truck, while I was driving. I had heat, and I had air conditioning. Unfortunately the fan wasn’t working and the heating and air conditioning couldn’t be forced into the vehicle. I thought everything was working well until I turned off the heat and turned on the air conditioning. I had nothing coming from the air vents even though I could hear the compressor working. I tried everything I could think of to get it working again, but nothing was happening. I ended up just using the ventilation system just to keep some airflow going on in the truck.



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