The local university has commercial office space for rent after finishing new construction

After three years of almost non-stop studying and work, I have finished law school.

Between the last seven years of college, life hasn’t been easy.

I had to take out an astronomical amount of debt to pay for school, all the while I was trying to hold down a job because I had no other source of income. When I split from my parents upon graduating college, I was immediately responsible for everything myself. Many of my privileged peers had no clue what kind of struggle I was facing in my day to day life by comparison. Still, I kept my head up and envisioned a future where I’d be more comfortable, even if it still meant I’d be working my ass off on a daily basis. I just hoped and prayed that I’d earn more for my hard work if I made the right sacrifices on my journey to becoming a licensed attorney. Now that I have my license, I am eager to start a practice. I have a friend from law school who wants to go into business with me, with the intention of adding more partners to the firm as we grow. We both went to a business development center to get help and advice before we opened our practice to figure out the best decisions to make through every step of the process. They helped us find affordable commercial office space to rent that was part of a building owned by the local university. Because they’re a state college, the rent is extremely cheap and affordable compared to buildings a quarter of a mile down the road. I’m excited for our new law firm and the business opportunities it will afford us.

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