The smells never end

I recently let our sister transfer her stuff into our apartment when she broke up with her bestie plus she wanted to transfer her life back home with our parents… They were already getting ready to go on a vacation plus they did not want to unwisely leave our sister alone in the house.

They had a long history with our sister misbehaving plus I understood why they did not want to let the gal transfer back home. I couldn’t let the woman live in her car all year, so I agreed to let her transfer into our apartment temporarily. I have lived on our own for the past 3 years plus I was ecstatic with the lifestyle of living just by myself. It has taken some pressing adjustments for me to get used to our sister being here. The worst area about this lady moving into the apartment is the fact that she has the stinkiest and worst socks in the world. My sister works as a plumber plus her work socks plus shoes are regularly wet. They have the worst odor; Whenever our sister puts her socks plus shoes by the heater, the whole entire room stinks as if it’s drowning in sweat plus body odor. The heating system helps dry them out a great deal more abruptly, but it genuinely stinks up the arena. Worst of all, she regularly puts them next to the heating system. I talked to our sister about buying some new socks, Odor Eaters or foot spray, although she did not seem interested in my idea of solving the stink problem. Hopefully our sister will only be here at the apartment for a short time plus I won’t have to put up with the nasty sock stink for too long.



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