They actually removed the fireplace

I purchased this awesome household that had all original mahogany wood inside.

I fell in love with the sweeping staircase as well as the open room style with vaulted ceiling. There was a field stone fireplace that was between the residing as well as dining rooms, that I absolutely enjoyed. We knew there were repairs that needed to be handled, as well as all of us also wanted to have a current Heating as well as A/C device installed before all of us moved in. I called the Heating as well as A/C company as well as I told them that I wanted the entire heating device removed as well as I wanted to have radiant heating in the lavatories, with normal heating in the remainder of the main rooms. I was planning on turning the second floor entryways into guest rooms as well as making the household into a Bed as well as Breakfast. The second floor entryways were going to have ductless mini split as well as fireplace inserts to provide the impression of having fireplaces. My partner as well as I went away for the month as well as all of us left our construction as well as Heating as well as A/C suppliers to carry on with the entirely project. I believe all of us should have been a bit more clear with our instruction. When all of us got back from holiday, the construction workers had ripped out the fireplace as well as updated it with gas fireplace inserts. We weren’t too pleased with what they had done, however all of us couldn’t get the fireplace back. As far as attempting to keep the rooms cleaned, going separate from the fireplace is a nice thing, although I easily loved how it looked. Now, I wonder if they hadn’t done us a favor, because the heating is so excellent, that all of us rarely turn up the temperature control component in those numerous rooms.


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