Travel with space heater

Sometimes people tell me that I’m weird, crazy, or eccentric.

I don’t disagree with them; I’m definitely an odd bird.

However, I think that many of my “quirky behaviors” are simply misunderstood. If someone took the time to get to know me, they would realize that most of my actions are based in logic. It might not be apparent, but there are reasons to my madness. For instance, recently, my friends started harping on me for carrying an electric space heater in the back of my car. They teased me all day and night after finding the small heating source and started calling me hottie tottie. I didn’t put up a fight, I simply laughed at their teasing and put my space heater back into the trunk of my car with a shrug. They don’t know, but I have plenty of reason to carry a space heater. You see, my family lives in the distant north part of the country. Every few months, I make the trek home to see them and check in with everyone. The problem is, travelling from the south to the midwest involves massive climate changes. Obviously, in the south the temperature is usually warm and the air quality is muggy. As you drive north, the temperature gradually declines. In the summers, this is an easy transition, but in the cold season it’s shocking to experience a “real winter” during my visits. The trips are only complicated by my family’s low quality central heating system. Since they won’t have the furnace upgraded, I bring my own heat when I travel. I might look like a fool, but I feel like a genius when I’m sitting warmly at my mom’s house next to my electric space heater.

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