Trying to fix my own ac

When my friend was visiting last summer, the a/c broke.

The HVAC component was in the basement.

I cleared out all the stuff around the unit, as well as got to fixing it! I knew a little about cooling as well as heating repairs, but never worked much on a system myself. HVAC as well as plumbing is an amazing trade to know. But, I haven’t dabbled much. This task was a large one and the home needed to be cooled down. I couldn’t have a guest stay in an overheated house. What kind of host would I be? The house had attractive woodwork as well as good insulation too. The stuffy outdoor heat lingered in the home. The added moisture was going to cause mold and mildew to grow. My wood would swell and be ruined if the air quality stayed too hot and moist. I took care of the a/c component in 4 hours for 5 mornings, it would have taken an HVAC professional not as long. They would have known immediately what to do, had the tools and completed the repair. Instead I was googling, using home made tools and sort of hoping that the unit would magically come back to life. Repairing the component was a good accomplishment but difficult. It made me realize doing that for a living would be tough. I also think HVAC dealers should make more. I wouldn’t be willing to hang around in someone’s basement at all hours for minimum wage. It was awful, hot and tiring.

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