Uncle Bob Taught Us About MOUT Villages Made of Shipping Containers

My Uncle Bob has a lot of interesting stories from the time he was in the army.

What is a single of the most interesting stories takes place during his training. Apparently the military has now started purchasing and retrofitting shipping containers, but not only is the base a giant shipping bag with kitchens, showers plus toilets, they also use separate shipping containers for training. MOUT villages are all the rage in the military now. It stands for military operations urban terrain. The MOUT villages are constructed of ISO shipping containers or blast-resistant prefabricated wall panels. The MOUT environment is made to depict what a soldier might face wherever they are deployed. It is set up like a fake military operation. The soldiers can experience what it is like to be deployed plus be in a weird region. The shipping containers are set up as replicas of real life places. My sibling was able to prepare for the terrain, buildings plus grids of all his future locations. He also got to experience breaching doors, hallways, going through windows plus a fix and repair door break-in. He got to handle blocked viewing, narrow turns through the streets plus see universities, companies plus homes that are located in the places he is going to be sent off to. The MOUT neighborhood also came with a shooting range with several targets. The facility is bulletproof, fireproof plus totally airtight. It was entirely cool getting to hear Uncle Bob talk about the training facility my sibling got to experience. It also put my family less anxious because we knew how prepared he was going into a potentially dangerous situation. He was given the best tools possible to deal with his time in another land.


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