We definitely need to upgrade our HVAC machine

When I bought our residence, I was so cheerful with it.

I finally had a lovely residence that I could call my own.

No property owner would be able to raise our rent or try to force myself and others out so they could sell the residence. I finally had a wonderful residence that was all mine plus I didn’t have to agonize about sharing it unless it was our choice. I swore I would never have a roommate again in all my days. Most of that has essentially stayed the same, even though I now have a roommate. He stands about 3 feet tall plus he is almost 3 years old. My husband seems to appreciate him too, because they completely two of a kind. I love our baby plus my husband very much, even though I tend to worry about the HVAC system. Lately I have observed that it is too nippy near the floors. With our little guy walking all over the residence, he needs to have more heating at the floor level. My husband plus I were having a discussion about purchasing an up-to-date heating machine, but we were completely up in the air about which type to buy. With our little one walking, the two of us were thinking about installing radiant heated flooring in our residence. The two of us have total electric plus I had constantly heard that you needed to have a boiler system for radiant heat to be installed in your residence. The two of us called the HVAC business plus they told us there were several types of systems we could use for radiant heated flooring. The two of us could purchase wall units that blew the heat down toward the floors, or we could put heat strips beneath the flooring. I am now leaning toward the electric heat strips because I realize that there won’t be a draft from the blowing heat.

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