We have a list of HVAC demands for our next home

We got a grand promotion a few days ago, plus our boss informed us that we were going to have to transport across the country.

  • We were ready for a change anyway, plus so we weren’t legitimately frustrated about having to transport away, but we didn’t have a lot of time to find a home plus we wanted to get moved immediately so we could begin our new promotions.

We did a lot of research on the internet to try to find a home that was perfect, and one of the greatest things that we were looking for was a Heating plus A/C proposal that we could live with. We both have some respiratory problems, so we have to be sure that the home we live in has the best indoor air quality. We had recently had some Heating plus A/C service work done on our last home, so both of us finally got the indoor air quality to be excellent there. We were hesitant to begin the entire Heating plus A/C substitute process all over again once we moved, so we were hoping to find a place with a great Heating plus A/C proposal that was already added. The main thing that we were looking for was a high efficiency heating plus cooling system. We also wanted to find a place with radiant heated flooring, since that is something we’ve typically wanted to have. We ended up finding a place with radiant heated flooring, plus a UV Light media air cleaner, and a high efficiency central cooling system. The media media air cleaner was an added bonus for us, and now we’re really excited about moving to our new house! We think the indoor air quality is going to be wonderful.


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