We’re heading to the farm

My kids were watching television the other day and one of them yelled for me to come look at what was on the news.

I expected some kind of bad news, but they were talking about farms. Apparently, there were some local farmers that were giving free room and board for full weekends, for families and individuals who wanted to come and pick apples. We would even be able to take some apples home with us, at the end of the weekend. I thought we would be put up in a bed and breakfast type of situation. I imagined walking into an old farmhouse and having a fireplace roaring to take the chill away from the night. I didn’t realize that out in the country, the temperatures were now leaving a coat of frost on the ground. When we got to the farm, we were shown to an old bunkhouse. There were bunk beds in the room and nothing but curtains to separate the beds. It was like going camping, but there was heating in the room. It was a great feeling to have the heat coming from the air vents. I was surprised to sleep so well in spite of having four other roommates. We even had our own bathroom in the bunkhouse. We went out and picked apples the next day, and I about died from all of the heat, and there wasn’t any air conditioning. I could only hope that it went back to being cool during the night. Without air conditioning, I would never be able to sleep.

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