When I got a promotion, we had to buy a new house on the coast

I got a big promotion a couple of months ago, and my boss informed me that I was going to have to move across the country to the coast.

I was ready for a change anyway, and so I wasn’t really upset about having to move away.

However, I didn’t have a lot of time to search for a new house and I wanted to get moved right away so I could start my new job. I did a lot of research online to try and find a house that would be a good fit for me. One of the main things that I was looking for was an HVAC system that I could live with. I have some respiratory problems and so I have to make sure that the house I live in has great indoor air quality. I had recently had some HVAC repair work done on my old house, and we finally got the indoor air quality to be excellent there. I was hesitant to start the whole HVAC upgrade process all over again once I moved, and so I was hoping to find a new house with a great HVAC system that was already installed. The main thing that I was looking for was a high efficiency heating and cooling system. I was also interested in finding a place with radiant heated flooring, since that’s something I’ve always wanted to have. I ended up finding a place with a high efficiency central cooling system, radiant heated flooring, and a UV Light air purification system. The air purifier was a bonus for me. Now I’m very excited about moving to the new house! I know the indoor air quality is going to be fantastic.



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