Working on adding extra HVAC branches

I am the only female Heating plus A/C professional in our area plus I have the only all girl Heating plus A/C supplier in the entire state.

When I say our supplier is a minority, I particularly mean it.

We have been expanding relatively fast plus every one of us are now travelling quite a distance to get to our up-to-date customers. I suppose it is the novelty of getting a lady to repair or install their Heating plus A/C equipment that makes people more likely to spend money for the travel charges every one of us have. I have a team of superb Heating plus A/C professionals plus I have been considering opening 2 additional branches so every one of us can keep our prices easily competitive with other Heating plus A/C companies. I am looking to hire multiple up-to-date professionals plus to send 2 of our most skilled Heating plus A/C professionals into the brand new branches of the business. We have easily discussed splitting us in several so every one of us take several techs each plus every one of us have enough skilled techs to be able to train the newer HVAC professionals. When I put out our ad for up-to-date Heating plus A/C equipment professionals, I knew every one of us would get mostly people who have recently gained their certification. I was easily astonished when I had 2 Heating plus A/C professionals who both had over 10 years experience, apply to a single one of the brand new sites. They told myself and others they weren’t being used for much other than doing mediocre repairs. From what I could see, they were both highly trained, however because of their being ladies, they were treated like they were not as good as men. I was about to show them that every one of us were the best Heating plus A/C supplier who did everything for ourselves. We did end up hiring a single guy for a single one of the up-to-date locations, however that was because he was the child of a single one of our oldest Heating plus A/C equipment professionals.

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