You get what you pay for.

Because of my not having enough money, I have made some very questionable business decisions. In the long run, my being cheap has cost me more money, but it didn’t teach me anything. If I needed my car repaired, I would take it to my brother or a friend and have them make the repair just a case of beer and the cost of parts, I like it when I have a family member or coworker who can do the work I need done. I even turned to this method of getting my furnace repaired. I didn’t deliberately go in search of someone who would do the work for a little bit of nothing. I was talking to my neighbor and I asked her if she knew an HVAC tech who wouldn’t charge me full price. She told me about a friend who did everyone’s HVAC work and it cost only a fraction of what it would cost to call the HvAC company. This sounded perfect to me, and I didn’t think to ask too many more questions. I just wanted to have my furnace repaired. When he showed up, he didn’t look like an HVAC tech and he didn’t even seem to know what he was doing. He told me he had been tinkering with the HVAC system for several years. When he said that he tried to repair the thing, but it wasn’t going right, I knew I had a problem. He had broken a part and had no idea how he was even able to take it out and break it. Now it was going to cost me three times as much to call an HVAC tech as it would have initially cost.

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