Zone Control would have made it easier.

There have been several changes that have come about since the start of the pandemic.

Some of those changes weren’t so good, but there were some that I was actually enjoying.

I enjoy the fact that I can work from home. I never really enjoyed going to the office every day. It started off with an hour and a half drive both ways, and I hated this part. Then there was the fact that the air quality control was horrible in our building. There was only one thermostat for a floor of about thirty workers. Although we were all adults, I felt like I was working with a bunch of grade school bullies. Everyone wanted the right to go to the thermostat and change it to a temperature they want. They would actually get into battles over the thermostat. You would have some people getting up and turning the thermostat down, while someone was lurking in a corner watching. The lurker would pop out and flip the thermostat right back to where it was prior to being changed. There were several times when the company had to purchase a new thermostat because it had been broken through the high-jinx of the employees. When the pandemic hit, I no longer had to deal with these adolescent people. I had excellent HVAC in my house, and the air quality was amazing. I knew that I didn’t need to deal with fluctuating temperatures and wondering when the next thermostat was going to be installed. I am not looking forward to when the pandemic ends and I need to go back to the office. Maybe I’ll be able to find a new job before then.

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