Zone Controlled HVAC Makes Dad a Happy Guy

There is simply no reason why I should feel like the odd man out in my very own home.

  • But, this is the way my family makes me feel at times.

Now, I’m not some big softie that gets his feelings hurt all the time. But, I expect a bit more kindness from my very own family members. Instead, my presence is often greeted with an eye roll or and “GAWD DAD!” My old man would have made me live in the HVAC-less attic had I acted that way. I get that I cramp some styles when there are friends present. So, I keep my distance. However, when I want to have a family barbeque, I don’t expect a bunch of push back. The worst is when I want to do my exercises in the house. There was a time when I ran everyday. But, my knees just don’t work like they used to so, I get my exercise in my home. This, apparently, is just the most embarrassing and painful thing I could ever do as far as my kids are concerned. I get run out of each room I attempt to do my workout in. Fine. So, I built a home gym in our finished basement. I even called the HVAC people to help me customize the heating and cooling comfort down there. They were able to augment our existing HVAC system so that I now have 4 separate zones in our home. The new gym is one of them. Now, I can workout in peace and perfect HVAC controlled comfort. And, I put a lock on the door!

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