A great end to a long and arduous day

When the day is finally over, I get to go home and put up my feet.

The last few weeks at work have been very long and difficult. It’s tax season again and that means every accountant is busy. I work for an accounting firm that handles the taxes for large businesses and corporations. I am working 12 and 14 hour days right now, and there are still two more months before the end of tax season. I hate sitting in that uncomfortable chair all day long, and it really makes me look forward to going home to sit in my recliner. I just got a new recliner, when I made some upgrades to the living room. I decided to extend the length of the room and add some additional features. I purchased new furniture like the Lazy Boy, end tables, and a big throw rug. I also purchased a mini split HVAC unit to put in the living room. Since the living area used to be the garage, there are a lot of drafty spots. I never thought the space was very comfortable, so I knew it would be a part of the renovations. I found a great deal on a ductless HVAC unit online. Since I knew that I could hook it up on my own, I did not have to contact a professional HVAC company for help. I watched several videos before I attempted to install the equipment. It probably took an hour longer than necessary, but the mini-split HVAC unit works great and looks even better. I won’t have to worry about drafty spots in this room again.

HEPA filter

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