A patchwork HVAC system

My family came from hardscrabble roots, and always found a way to make it work.

My people were farmers, they were scavengers, they were hunters, they were at time hustlers or men of low character.

Whatever it took to keep the family going. The point of all this is that I grew up poor, and learned quickly how to use what I had at hand. That meant using parts of cars to fix other cars, and borrowing from one guy to pay off another. The house where we live has a 30 year old central HVAC system that has been addended and upgraded with various parts and components over the decades. This is a frankenstein’s monster of an air conditioner, that works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. Under our feet, down in the cellar like a monster, is the antique furnace and the equally old water boiler. These things have been kept working with HVAC parts we have taken from other systems and found a way to make them work. It’s a terrible system, I know, but at no point did we have a few extra thousand bucks laying around for a new HVAC system, so we did the best we could. The truly amazing thing to me is that it works at all, but the heating aspect is actually pretty reliable. The furnace may be ugly, but it is still very powerful. The A/C on the other hand is a lost cause, but maybe it will last a few more months and then we will figure out what to do next.

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