A space heater in my office

I miss seeing the sunshine.

In my new office, which is a much larger and nicer office than I have ever had before, there are no windows.

Well, there is one window but it just leads out into the main bullpen of cubicles, so it hardly counts as a proper window. I have always been a cold-blooded type of human, not in terms of being mean or nasty, but in literally needing to sit in the sun to warm myself up. Those lizards that sit on rocks in the sun to raise their body temperature, that’s me in a nutshell. Now I am dependent on the climate control system of the office, which I share with all of these other people. At least I have my own office, so I can bring in a space heater and that will hopefully alleviate the problem. As the floor manager, I don’t want to be seen as commanding the thermostat for my own, admittedly off-beat, body temperature issues. I want all my workers to be comfortable, because that has a huge impact on job performance ,so I let them control the office thermostat and I try to stay in my office as much as possible. With the space heater on and the door closed, it can get nice and sweltering in there. I was toying with the idea of also bringing a humidifier, and get my office nice and damp, but decided against it. A humidifier puts so much moisture into the air it would probably effect all the paperwork I have on my desk.


Radiant floor heating

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