A summer of HVAC savings

Fall is my favorite time of year. This is mostly due to the fact that the merciless summer heat is in the rear view mirror. The heat is replaced by just wonderful temperatures and my outside activities go back to maximum. I also welcome fall because the HVAC costs are finally now dropping. However, this past summer was the first time that we really were proactive about managing the HVAC output. With the economic fallout from the pandemic, our income shrank. That meant that we really had to find ways to trim the budget in order to make ends meet. One way was to target the HVAC costs. Where we live, the HVAC cooling is on for nearly 8 months a year. However, there is a four month stretch where it is on almost nonstop. That was the part that we wanted to effect. Of course, any HVAC savings starts with the HVAC setting. We simply had to push it up a bit and make sure we weren’t overcooling the house during the peak heating hours. This was pretty tough considering we were working from the HVAC comfort of our home all year due to Covid. That meant that we had to incorporate fans in order to feel cooler during the worst heat of the day. But we didn’t stop there. We also made sure to pull the drapes to keep the direct sunlight from heating up the ambient air. We also made sure to keep the house really tight in order to keep the HVAC treated air on the inside. We were successful as we saved over 15 percent on HVAC costs over the summer before.
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