Changing the way I presented my business

Trying to adapt to decreasing times is hard for any business.

  • I don’t know if anyone was expecting COVID to shake up the entire economy the way it did, for me it was a reality check.

I had been doing things the same way for so long, that when I needed to change I froze because I had no idea what else to do. I used the down time in lockdown for my own betterment, and opening my mind to new ideas and approaches. It wasn’t about changing my business, it was about changing how my business was presented to the world. I finally understand how SEO works, and although I am not superb at coding for it myself, understanding the principle is vital for future success! SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a checklist of attributes that make your site or web page show up higher in Google search results. Google uses a staggering number of factors in calculating results, and the better your SEO the greater the occasion you are at the top of the page. One essential area of superb SEO is high quality original content that is optimized for particular keywords and phrases, and for example, if I have a blog post about the best values in an HVAC machine. I can set the SEO for that blog to appeal to people looking for general information. In other words, with SEO you don’t write sales copy, you write intelligent, succinct blogs and posts that are absolutely informative. Good SEO raises the online visibility for your entire website.


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