Does the ignition still work?

Your ignitor’s main role is to create sparks to light the burner, which opens up the old gas valve to commence a combustion process that ultimately generates your home’s volume of heat.

A malfunctioned ignitor makes it hard for your gas furnace to turn on.

To be completely sure that your concerns arise from a exhausting ignitor, you will likely need to test it by following a few easy steps. First, inspect your gas furnace by sight for any visual disfigures plus test the circuit. Ensure the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan is actually set at room temperature. After that, use the thermostat to turn it off. Locate your modern gas furnace’s circuit breaker in the main breaker box of your home or on the actual gas furnace, plus switch it off. Turning off the circuit breaker helps cool off your overheated gas furnace to room temperature. After your gas furnace cools down to somewhere around room temperature, unscrew plus take out the maintenance panel located on the far side of your gas furnace to find the ignitor. It is often mounted on a small, V-shaped bracket next to the gas port. To identify the ignitor, look for a different component with multiple wires attached to its back plus a flat metal tip. At that point, look out for any disfigures that would cause the ignitor to fail plus need a swap. If there are no visible disfigures, use pliers to remove the ignitor wires from their available socket inside your gas furnace plus test it for resistance using a small multimeter set to the least possible resistance. Put the probes on the tips of the ignitor’s plug at that point plus check the read out. If the multimeter stays at zero or indicates infinity, the ignitor definitely needs immediate updatement.


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