Getting ready for our summer trip, and avoiding last summer's mistake

Last summer was awesome, we had an amazing time together and got tan in the summer sun.

We loved every minute, had campfires, made smores, sung songs and even went rafting.

We were preparing and planning our trip, and thought of what issues we could avoid. Last year was gruesome, we decided that we would not rely on just the campgrounds maintenance team but we would bring fans and our own portable air conditioner. Last year the old rusty HVAC system in our campground went out, we had to wait 4 days for the campground repairman to be ready to fix it for us, and the park refused to pay the local company to fix the HVAC machine. We were displeased that we had to wait and surely wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. We got to the bottom of the trail, got back, unpacked and settled into the new cabin for the night. It was more updated and had big wood and modern building work in it, with solar panels too. We were here for the summer and staying cool was our priority. There was no pool to cool down in, but we had our fans and planned very well for a nice relaxing trip. We even brought big canopies to shade us from the hot sun. Every time we went on our trips we saw something new, we made some injuries sometimes but it was worth it and the memories were great. We cooked out, and tried to keep the cookouts and fires away from the campground to avoid bears. We had a close run in with a bear once, we joked about how he got to us faster than any service provider or camp official has ever gotten to us before.


New HVAC systems

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