Going on a long flight when the air conditioner goes out? What?

Here is a crazy story but it happened to turn out to be true.

My cousin told me it like it happened yesterday, and I’d never forget his story.

He was traveling on a plane to the north a while ago when I was a kid, my cousin was 10 years older than myself. He said the plane was a smaller commercial passenger plane for mostly island hopping and small travel. He was supposed to be on a bigger flight soon and they also had an older airliner from the 90s that was still functioning on this island. He was ironically happy to see old rusty fans, old magazines and pictures and an old style bathroom on the airliner. 44 people set off on the airliner with my cousin, it was a hot summer day and they were in the tropical beach area going north. Coconuts, hot sunny days and other activities wore him out he said, and he was excited to get back to the cooler north. The plane was shaky and hit some turbulence in the air, my cousin said. He said not even 45 minutes into the 12 hour flight, the air conditioner made funny sounds and apparently went out entirely. Naturally no windows could be opened to vent the air so high, and they would have to endure the temperature until they landed. Nothing helped, water on the head or anything possible safely in the air. 44 people in the tight plane made the air thick and after 5 hours it was maybe 88 or 92 degrees in the plane. The cockpit, I could only imagine to be much hotter. When they landed my cousin said the best thing was the cool air hitting his face when he got off the plane.



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