Heat pump right by the front door

I opened up a winery on my dad’s grape fields.

It was an expensive project.

I had to get the facility hand built and buy all the wine making equipment. Wine tanks, carboys, sugar, yeast and all the bottles do start to add up. I also needed to buy a heat pump system on top of all that stuff. You need to keep wine a consistent temperature or else you spoil the whole batch. A heat pump provides both heating and cooling in one unit. It is also a ductless unit and quiet energy efficient. I was smart and bought the heat pump right from a reputable HVAC business. I got a top of the line model that is known for being very efficient. However, I was dumb and hired a local guy rather than a HVAC contractor. I didn’t want to spend more money than I needed to. The handyman did install everything right, sort of. The heat pump is up and works. I got a deal on the price. So in the end, I guess I am happy. I am a bit peeved the guy cut corners though. He installed the heat pump right next to my front door. My professional wine facility looks tacky and cluttered now. It is annoying right there. Why did the guy choose that spot? It was the easiest to install. To hide the HVAC unit he would have needed to run wire and it would have cost him more time and only a few dollars extra. So he decided to just screw me over. I am not very happy and won’t use the guy again.

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