I still get astounded by the HVAC heat pump

It wasn’t until I became a homeowner that I got into HVAC.

Just like so many others, I took HVAC for granted.

As long as the heating and cooling system was keeping the house comfortable, that’s all I needed from it. Even all those years of having to deal with terrible HVAC in many of the apartments I rented, I still didn’t know much about HVAC. But then again, I don’t remember those apartments using HVAC professionals to service or repair the HVAC units. But once I got my first house, I was in for an education when it came to the HVAC method of choice in these parts. Where I live, there is one HVAC method for both heating and cooling. No HVAC furnaces around here. The winters are mild enough so those aren’t necessary. That HVAC method is the heat pump. And it is wildly impressive not to mention versatile. The main objective is the efficient and reliable job the heat pump does on cooling a home. It does a masterful job at doing this very thing. It extracts heat from the home, exhausts it outside and then replaces that air with cooler air. While the heat pump is doing this, it is also balancing the humidity in the house as it removes moisture from the air. However, once the weather turns much cooler, the heat pump simply reverses the process. It heats by extracting heat energy from the outside air! It can do this without supplemental heat down to temps in the forties. The heat pump is simply still an amazing feat of technology to me.

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