I took apart my old furnace to see how it worked

I am the kind of guy that likes to tinker with things anytime that he gets a chance.

Now that I am working on an old furnace, I finally and going to be able to get a chance to take an entire furnace apart and see how everything works.

Normally, I wouldn’t like to take a furnace completely apart. If I were to misplace something or break something on my furnace, I would be very disappointed in myself. However, I just got a new furnace, and my old furnace is currently sitting in my garage where I am taking it apart. I have needed a new furnace for a long time. My old furnace was breaking down constantly, and the HVAC technician that came to repair it told me that I would be better off buying a new furnace. I wanted a more efficient and quieter furnace anyways, so I saved up the money and purchased a new furnace. My wife was happy that our furnace doesn’t break down all of the time, but I am happy because now I have a new toy to play with. I have always wanted to figure out how my furnace worked, and I wanted to try to figure out what was causing it to break down so often. I have all my tools out now, and I have been taking this thing apart piece by piece. I have all of the parts of the furnace organized into the order that I removed them, and I have already found a few pieces that the HVAC technician didn’t know was broken. This is so cool!
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