I tried to fix my heating system, but I lost an important piece

I was so confident that I could fix my own furnace that I accidentally ruined the furnace and cost myself even more money. My father-in-law was the kind of guy that knew how to fix everything. He was a backyard mechanic, carpenter, plumber, and so much more. When the HVAC units stopped working at his house, he was the one to pull out the tools and repair the HVAC units. When my wife married me, she thought that all guys were like this, but she was mistaken. I don’t know the first thing about fixing furnaces or air conditioners. I am the kind of guy that makes enough money to pay an HVAC technician to take care of my HVAC units. However, I was growing sick and tired of my wife’s snarky comments about how I didn’t know how to fix the furnace when it would stop working. The comments were getting under my skin, and when our furnace broke down a few days ago, I told her that I was going to fix the furnace myself. Knowing me, she recommended that I abort this course and call an HVAC technician. I stormed downstairs and brought all of my tools with me, and I began taking the furnace apart. Halfway through, I even managed to figure out what was wrong with the furnace and replace it. However, my day took a turn for the worse while I was putting the furnace back together. I accidentally lost an important piece, and it happened to be expensive. I guess that my wife was right.

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