Learning how to clean your HVAC system’s filters

You have probably heard about the importance of cleaning HVAC system filters.

Apart from minimizing the overall monthly energy bills, clean filters also help improve the quality of the air you breathe in your house.

This is important for people suffering from allergies and other air-borne issues. A clean filter on the HVAC system ensures that the system functions appropriately without overcompensating. You may not need to replace parts due to wear and tear. With so many gains to benefit from, every homeowner with an installed heating and cooling system should consider understanding how to clean and replace filters. After all, this is part of the primary maintenance practice that comes with all ACs. First, turn off the AC from the mains before handling any tuneup procedure. Determines the filter’s location by observing the ductwork. The exact mechanism applies even when dealing with a furnace since air from outside is blown through the filters before it gets into the heating or heating space. Usually, the filters are located within the ductwork. Some filters are at the bottom of the unit and can only be accessed by removing the panels. In case you are working with an HVAC technician or contractor, ask them to show you the furnace location during their system tuneup session. You don’t have to keep calling in the experts for a fundamental filter change when you can do it independently. After all, depending on the situation at hand, you may be forced to change your system’s filter every two weeks, and it is not economical to hire an HVAC business expert this frequently. Once you locate the filters, check the dimensions in case you need to purchase new ones. It would help if you got exact measurements for proper functioning.

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