Making returns

I had bought a portable a/c idea the other month and when I got it home, clogged it in and tried to use it the thing did not work! I was so mad! The fact that the portable a/c idea was so cheap should have been our first warning sign not to buy it, however usually when things seem too great to be tplot they are, and this was for sure the case when it came to buying this cheap portable a/c idea unit, however i took the portable a/c idea device back to the store in which I bought it at. And I then proceeded to tell them that the portable a/c idea device did not work easily well. As a matter of fact, not working easily well was an understatement, then the portable a/c idea did not work at all! I had to argue with the client repair desk in proving to them that I did not break the thing myself. They had a manager come out and check things out and they admitted that it was the 2nd return this month on one of these portable cooling systems that they had for dirt cheap. I was given the option to either get a replacement or just to get a full refund for our purchase. I did not even want to mess with another one of these cheapo portable a/c idea units, so I decided to just take the refund and then go to a regular heat and cooling system business and get a portable a/c for regular price that would unquestionably work!


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