My number one skincare secret

I have struggled with acne constantly for multiple years, however most awnings, I wake up with unsightly pimples on multiple parts of my body, but mostly my face! I take extra care of my skin every evening, periodically spending an extra hour before I go to bed, washing plus exfoliating plus moisturizing my skin, so that hopefully I don’t wake up with new blemishes.

I have tried so multiple things that never seem to entirely eliminate my acne, from over the counter solutions, holistic solutions, plus even prescription medications, plus some of them carry silly side effects! When I thought I had tried everything to get clearer skin, my coworker told myself and others about dehumidifiers… A dehumidifier is a component that unattachs moisture from the air in your home; Dehumidifiers can exist as standalone units that can be plugged into any room plus will work to unattach the moisture from that room, or they can be installed in-line with your existing Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system.

I opted for a portable component at first, as the cost is much less up front; The very first day I woke up with a dehumidifier, I woke up with clear skin! Overnight, the humidity in my lake house was causing my skin to release extra oil, which was causing myself and others to break out overnight, but using a dehumidifier was the skincare secret I never knew I needed; Once I purchase a home, I will surely have a dehumidifier installed in-line with the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. If you are struggling with oily skin overnight, contact your Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional today to see if a dehumidifier is right for you!

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