New AC for the new house

It’s been a storybook relationship, and now my new wife and I are starting on the next chapter together.

Call me old fashioned, but I didn’t want us to live together before we got married.

We courted for about a year, I proposed, and everything went by in a blink after that. At this point we have been married for just eight months, and we moved into a home we just purchased after a few months of renting a place. The place we got is a fixer-upper, because it was the biggest one we could afford and didn’t mind working on it. The fact that it needed an all new HVAC system wasn’t an issue for me, because that is what I do for a living. I’ve been the lead HVAC tech for a general contractor for several years now, so I have all the connections I need to get this done quickly and cheaply. Well, not exactly “cheaply” but cheaper than you would expect for a top quality air conditioning system. As a word to the wise, never get the cheap models of AC units, they will work for a while, but won’t last long. Since I have connections at several HVAC companies I will be able to get my components at wholesale prices. Then I can pay a few of my HVAC techs from the crew out of my own pocket to come over and help me with the installation and fine tuning. It should take about a week, and this place will finally be perfectly climate controlled.

Air conditioning workman

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