Our house is so much warmer now that we have a new furnace

Both my husband and I feel cheated when it comes to our house.

We just bought it about seven months ago, and we have found so many things wrong with it that were not mentioned to us.

One of the worst problems that we encountered was the furnace. We had no idea until we had it serviced last September. The HVAC technician gave us a list of problems with it and told us how much it would cost to fix all of them. It was not worth fixing. It would have been almost the same amount of money to just buy a new one, so that is what we ended up doing. We did not buy one right away though because we were told that our old one with all of its issues could still last quite a bit longer. It lasted for about three months, and then it quit. We were expecting it, thankfully. We had already decided on what new furnace we were going to get, so when our old one quit, we were ready. We knew that our furnace was going to quit because it stopped heating our house up to temperature. It could only get the house up to about sixty-five degrees. That wasn’t too cold, so we lived with it for about two months before the furnace decided to finally just give up the ghost. I am actually glad that it finally died because we have a new furnace now, and the house is so much warmer. It is so nice to have a warm house once again.

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