Someone stole my refrigerant!

It never ceases to amaze me how horrible people can act.

Sometimes I assume love I am the only fantastic person remaining on this planet.

I try not to have such a pessimistic view, however I am continually shocked by the things that I see and hear from other people. This is especially tplot after I moved to my modern town and realized how rough the local population was, most of the people here have never had a stable task or a real option at education! Unluckyly, they steal a lot to make up for financial shortcomings, then recently, I found out that they will even steal the refrigerant right out of your air conditioner unit. I knew that you needed to be careful with your central cooling method in these parts. It is not bizarre for an air conditioner machine to be stolen out of your backyard or an A/C window machine to be unattachd from your own window. This is why people securely lock up their cooling systems rather than having an unlucky surprise on the morning that they realize the A/C machine has disappeared. Unluckyly, it turns out that a heavy metal cage around my central cooling method was still not enough to protect the air-handling device, then one morning I realized that my air conditioner method was operating, but there was no cool air coming out of my air vents, but when I called the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership they abruptly sent out an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company to inspect the device, then you can imagine my surprise when he reported that my A/C machine had been drained of refrigerant… And even worse, that refrigerant was no longer available on the market; Now I need a whole current A/C unit.

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